Saturday, 16 November 2013

Party Frocks For Pennies

Well, not quite pennies. But not breaking the bank. You know what it's like ... Christmas again and you have soooo many glamour-filled parties to go to*...

Whoo yeah! Chrimbo! Let's party like it's 1899!

Great: an excuse to buy a new dress. Only there are a few problems; Christmas is a fricken expensive time of year, you're likely to get photos all over Facebook so are perhaps reluctant to wear the same thing again and again and it's freezing cold out so all day shopping would be a pain. Yeah. And you need to save your pennies for Bailey's mint chocolate liqueur and biscuit selection boxes. If your anything like me, that is...

Thankfully one of my very limited talents is buying really, really cheap stuff and then passing it off as posh stuff (until I open my maaahf that is). Here are some of the places I will be looking for Christmas party frocks:

Ebay Charity Shops

Like real charity shops, but without aggro grannies or colour coded rails (why don't they sort by size grrrrrrrr...!). Plus, the warm feeling you get inside is matched by a warm feeling outside, as you're shopping from your house in a onesie with a hood on it, wrapped in a duvet. Ebay's Charity Page is great - you just click and search as usual, but only charity items (second hand and new) come up. Great for vintage bargains or designer items.

This 70s (or early 80s) dress is delightfullydaring and supports a hospice.

Sparkly Shoes from the BHF... might bid myself!

Discounted Clothing Websites like "Just For Five Pounds"

You may have read my previous post about using these sites. Essentially, they buy and sell end-of-line or large wholesale lots online from a simple 'no frills' site - so there are massive bargains to be had! Unlike the digital high street, these shops don't replenish sizes or colours, so there's an element of "when it's gone it's gone" - but if you browse daily when they put up new stock, you may well find something bang on-trend, in your size, for £5. Brilliant! Just For Five Pounds sent me some photos of upcoming stock...

A pretty gold number perfect for Christmas!

A versatile dress with a sexy twist.

Sale Sections Of High Street Websites

The January sales are no more! As our spending habits have changed, so have sales. You can now find a sales section in most high street shops and online shops year-round. Again, there's an element of luck in finding your colour and size, but I always peruse online brands for discounted frocks in November and early December.

Modern with a hint of vintage- and just £15in's clearance shop.
Other sale sites I visit regularly are River Island (always a bit daring- meaning lots of statement pieces to be had), New Look and TK Maxx (for branded and designer).

Do you treat yourself to a Christmas frock - and where do you go for yours?

*Actually: one party. And maybe some beers after work one Friday. But you know...


  1. I always *need* a new dress fro Christmas day but like you, I have to get one for very little. Hopefully one I picked up today will do, fingers crossed!

  2. GAAAAH I HATE PARTY SHOPPING! With my weight and age, I always feel like my options are either to dress like my nan or look ridiculous. Or not go. Perhaps I should spend my cash on Bailey's and biscuit boxes and stay in...

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