Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Holiday Highlights: Sheringham & The Poppy Line

I'm back! Had a month of busy busy work and then a lovely holiday last week. But now I'm home, dropping stinky little blog drops all over your carpets. Haha.

Now I'm not going to bore you with my whole holiday album, both for consideration's sake and because, as Gemma of Retro Chick revealed, some of it was debauched gambling of the most sordid nature. Well, going for a drink down Great Yarmouth way and putting all my pocket money into the 2p falls machines. I won a little plastic horsey. Class.

Here's a little video of our time in Yarmouth...(it isn't actually of my chest, for some reason that's what the editing app put as the first shot!).

Anyway the thriftier and more sophisticated resort on our little East Anglian driving route was Sheringham. Sheringham is slap bang next door to Cromer (famed for seafood and well worth a visit). It's a small resort but well served by shops, cafes, bistros and pubs. The larger hotels tend to be pricey compared to B&Bs and the wealth of self catering, camping and caravan places around - we did stay in a hotel, but this was our big holiday. The nice thing about the town is that there is accommodation for all group sizes and budgets.

It is a very typical traditional resort, suited to families and couples alike. There is plenty of maritime history explored in two museums "The Mo" and The Fisherman's Heritage Centre. Of course, Sheringham has a broad and clean beach (we were there during those seriously hot days- it was fantastic) lined with colourful beach huts, tea rooms and a couple of pubs with great views! Amazing sunsets to be viewed from The Two Lifeboats (try their steak... a real treat) and The Crown is a great spot for the evening, with live bands outside in summer. Off the seafront but with a great beer garden and epic menu (especially seafood) is The Lobster. On rainy days, their indoor ambiance is great, a real place to relax.

OK enough about His Lordship and I filling our bellies! We did stuff too! As well as the beaches and walks, charity and craft shops and views, Sheringham has another great value day out: riding the North Norfolk Railway "Poppy Line" to Holt. This is a restored steam line with 3 stations. Each station has refreshments, museums and things to see such as model railways. It is a wonderful day out for just £11; the return ticket allows you to ride up and down the line getting off at Weybourne and Holt. Holt itself is a charming little town (one of the residents did joke it was "Chelsea on Sea", I guess it's not fascinating 24-7) - especially if you like to hunt round charity shops and antique markets, picking up what the wealthy locals have donated! There's a routemaster bus from the station to the town centre, £2 return ... everyone got very excited about this (me for a slightly different reason - it was built in Park Royal and suggestions inside were it ran out of Acton Depot back in the day - I may well have been on it before as a kid! Showing my age!). On a pleasant day you could also definitely walk the route. We enjoyed all the activites on our little jaunt, but in terms of value this was superb: a whole day riding in beautiful old carriages, superb views, museums and new towns for just over £10.

Unfortunately the weather has now turned and we're definitely NOT on hols anymore. Are you planning a trip in the UK this summer? Where are your favourite thrifty days out?


  1. That train station looks remarkably like the photos I posted on my blog! I love your cool video. Great Yarmouth looks like fun.
    We never visited touristy seaside resorts as children, Dad lived to sail and hated crowds so it was small, deserted coves with little more to do but read and explore rock pools.
    Our trips around the UK mainly involve camping and music festivals. xxx

  2. That looks like brilliant fun. We used to go to Yarmouth a lot when I was a kid (divorced parents; summer meant one Saturday a month in Yarmouth with Dad). I wish I'd seen more of North Norfolk when I lived there, though, it is so lovely.

    Nowadays I'm very fond of Dorset, especially the Bridport/West Bay to Lyme Regis areas. Spending a few hours whacking rocks with a fossil hammer is very thrifty. Or, 'boring', my husband would say!

    Glad you're back :-)

  3. Hi there! wow, it sounds like you both had an amazing time, Sherringham and Holt look really lovely places to visit-love your photos and you certainly picked the right week to go too!


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