Saturday, 2 February 2013

Trip To The V&A

Alas I am limpy once again. My sciatica struck during the snow and it's still here... unfortunately I got no sympathy on the tube because, it seems, most tourists think that injured or disabled people look like Tiny Tim. Obviously I have no right to walk slowly looking relatively normal, or try to do normal things. Grr. I wouldn't mind so much but bar stairs, I'm actually quicker than the average tourist is, so their request to the person hanging on to the handrail and wincing as she walks to speed up were a bit rich to say the least.

Anyway, my sister and I made it to the V&A to catch the end of the 'Kitty & The Bulldog' mini-exhibition and the new fashion galleries. I like fashion history and my sister likes Japanese sub cultures, so between us we made up one cultured visitor. We also like anything a bit OTT and wearable. You can't beat it whether it's a hooped velvet skirt from a Victorian wedding or a lace and pearl cuff from Japan. When we were looking at the 1850s section of the fashion galleries, my sister quipped that I would be normal sized then. Heheheh indeed. I would be mighty and tall! On reflection, the crinolines would also have hidden my gigantic feet too. But there wouldn't have been any central heating so I would probably have burned myself to a crisp as I rashly edged nearer and nearer to the fireplace in my purple velvet monstrosity.

Kitty & The Bulldog charts the evolution of the Japanese Lolita sub-culture, and the cross-over with British movements such as punk. As you might have guessed my favourites were the Punk Lolita outfits. I coveted pretty much everything in the sets, especially the cat bag. Looks like the pair of us have a wardrobe zoo fascination obviously. Who doesn't

Twin Sis liked the Sweet Lolita's bunnies in a basket.


The exhibition is only on until the 24th February, and entry is free. It only comprises of a few cabinets, so be sure to plan in a visit to the new Fashion Galleries and Jewel Rooms. Oh yeah, and have a cuppa in the world's most ornate cafeteria...

All details may be found at the V&A Website.


  1. I've never been to the V&A but I really ought to get there! Looks like a great exhibition x

  2. Hi, my cat really enjoyed this post and there's a ferret in my bathroom eating green eggs and spam
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    Seriously these spam comments are getting weirder by the day :)
    I get a whole heap of them too, very fecking annoying!
    I love the V&A but I haven't been for a while but this mini-exhibition looks right up my street, so I may have to drag my bone idle ass along there before the 24th.
    I'm sorry to hear that you are limpy again :(
    Did some fecker actually ask you to hurry up?...Hucking assholes, you should have given them a bad-ass Begbie style Glasgow kiss.
    Have a fabulous Sunday...xXx

  3. What an interesting exhibition. Jewel rooms? That sounds right up my street.
    Sorry to hear of how your fellow city dwellers are treating you. Talk about the North-South divide, I get old men carrying my shopping and strangers offering me lifts when I'm limping worse than usual. Feel beatter soon. xxx

  4. Oooh, I had no idea that was on! It looks fascinating!

  5. I've still never made it to the V&A, but this exhibition looks really interesting! I was down in London the other week and was reminded of the rudeness of people, and the me me me pushy pushy on the tube....yuk! Shame on them. Hope you feel better soon :)

  6. I love the V&A, but tis a shame the tube is involved in getting there for sure. Did you give said rude people a death glare? I have no problem with people being slow, but I do reserve the right to kill anyone who suddenly stops dead in front of me, causing me to walk into them and receive a dirty look as a result!

    I may make the husband take a day off work and come and look at frocks with me.

  7. Hi there! This looks such a lovely exhibition, thanks for sharing with your fabulous photos! Wishing you better quickly too xx

  8. I would have loved to see that exhibit!

  9. It looks great, love the pictures!


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