Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Super Scarf Style!

This spring is the reason I hate spring. well, not specifically this spring, but ones like it. Ones when we're all supposed to be wearing our summer clothes with a light cardie or jacket, but when in actual fact, the rain is falling like sheets in the wind. The whole gamboling lambs thing is a fallacy, all the lambs I've seen this spring were huddled underneath their mothers, looking damp and grey.

However, for the thrifty shopper, there is fun to be had. Spring lends itself to accesorising, even if we can't crack out our summer wardrobe yet. One garment in particular may be picked up cheaply and worn right now- the scarf. Whether you favour slick city-chic, boho, vintage or blingy-bold, scarves of every style are out there for you right now. Winter stock, yes, but an all-year-round wear which comes into its own during changeable inter-seasonal weather. Reduced on the rails of the high street, piled high in charity shops by premature spring cleaners and of course online.

Because of course the only photo I could find
for this post is one of me looking geeky next to a
giant prawn.

Scarves come with a variety of uses. For most, they go around the neck- as above- or the head for a demure vintage style (as explained by Retrochick here). If you are lucky enough to find an affordable second hand Hermes, or indeed, let's face it, any no-brand big old silk scarf... you can do more. Once summer comes, your scarf becomes a halter top, sarong - so many options. Youtube is a good place to search for inspiration:

A range of wearable accessories with a scarf top.

A range of holiday styles (which I would adapt to day wear by layering
over basics, leggings and so forth).

This one's slightly foxier...I would combine it with a halter-dress to make it
'everyday life appropriate'!

Indeed, entire forums have sprung up about the myriad ways there are to wear a Hermes (or, for we poorer types, proprietry branded) large scarf! If, like me, much of your work wardrobe involves easy-to-wash neutrals and monochrome, and you work both indoors and out, scarves are a godsend. The right colour, position and knot can adjust a neutral outfit to fit a wide variety of vintage and modern styles. For example, with a LBD a small scarf sharply folder into an 'air hostess' neckerchief hints at 70s-80s chic, whereas having a fringed woven scarf loosely draped and knotted at the back gives the same basic outfit a more modern, bohemian look. Not to mention their ability to keep you warm or cover your hair in an instant.

So now you know how useful they are... how to find them cheaply. Aside from charity shops and rummaging the sales, there are many to be found online. An easy search is placing 'scarf' into either the vintage or second-hand modern clothing category of Ebay, with an upper price limit of £5, £4 or even £1! You'll be surprised what designs you can pick up.

Alternatively, at this time of year there are many reductions to be had via online shops and boutiques. Here's a small selection of what I discovered online:

Tie Rack, that old 80s staple, still stocks a great range of reasonably priced
 scarves.This one, with a certain 70s charm, is only £6.99

Have you tried Amazon for accessories? There are bargains to be
 had; this warm stole is only £9.95 from The Scarf Shop.

If you have more money to invest in a classic item, try TK Maxx for something top-end.
This Galliano scarf  is £49, however that's a 60% reduction in the RRP.

What is your favourite accessory for in-between-seasons?


  1. I love a nice scarf. I have a collection of Richard Allen vintage ones that are perfect for all year round wear. M x

  2. I get more comments when I wear a bright or mad print scarf than I do when I wear a mad print dress. I prefer light chiffons (I have some polka dot ones, and an original seventies Celia Birtwell print one) or triangle-fringed piano shawl types. Yep, I'm definitely a scarf girl.

    I love jacket weather, but it seems fewer and far between[er] these days. There's little I love more than a good fitted jacket, a funky scarf and some big old sunglasses on a bright but chilly day.

    Pissing rain, however, does not accessorise well with anything...

  3. Ha ha ha! That first paragraph made me laugh so hard! It's true! I went to work in a big ol raincoat in Spring once and this lady met me at the door and laughed, Why are you wearing a coat? It's Spring! And I said Yes, and it's HAILING!

  4. Scarves are SO insanely useful,and often so beautiful! I ahve heaps,and the biggest problem is trying NOT to keep buying them!
    Hey,HURRAH for you being a Vintage Queen!!!!

  5. I love a scarf on my head, as a belt, around my neck, tied to a bag, I just love scarves! This picture of you is adorable, shrimp and all, love those jeans!

  6. Scarves are great, I have loads and I really must start wearing them!

  7. Well you all know how crazy i when it comes to scarfs.
    I love to wear them with all my outfits.
    I have tons of them all around the house.
    You look adorable hugging that pink shrimp..mmmm breadd shrimp.

  8. I have quite a few, and they were a staple of my 90s teendom - jeans, bodysuit, hippy scarf looped round my neck. I occasionally do the air hostess look, but people always comment, and then I get self-conscious! I have a massive Dior silk scarf which has been earmarked for 'making into a giant cushion' project for ages now. One day...

  9. I love scarves, I have tons of them mostly charity shop and vintage as when I see a beautiful pattern I can't resist buying. They are also a fantactic low cost treat. Love your shrimp photograph.

  10. Gosh I know what you mean about spring and wearing coats/jackets its a nightmare. I so want to wear my summer clothes but its so so cold! xx

  11. I would just like to say that I absolutely love the accompanying picture! :)

    Happy to see some scarf love! With my neck injury they're somewhat of an essential for me so I'm always looking for scarf inspiration.

    I was so lucky to find an Hermes scarf in a second hand shop a few years back. It has the most amazing masquerade ball type print on it. I can't say it was cheap cheap but it was a good price and I love it.

    Florrie x


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