Saturday, 28 January 2012


I love 'how-tos' on Youtube and while away many an hour planning make-up, nail and hair looks online. I find the videos easier to follow than books or magazines and the variety endless. Styles vary from the homespun to the really advanced, and it's good to see that industry professionals are recognising this trend and putting useful tutorials online - sometimes, when I buy a new product, I really do need a 'how to' to use it. At other times, I might be stuck in a styling rut and different angles on a favourite style are what I crave.
Quiff = recent tutorial find.

John Freida's new YouTube channel recently got in touch with a challenge to me; to recreate one of their tutored hair dos in my own unique style, using products from the John Freida range. I am a sucker for hair products so agreed immediately and went straight onto 'Tube to check out their styles. The one I decided to try out is this one for Retro Curls, as it's very like the style I prefer when at vintage events or formal dos. Although they say it's an evening style, I think it would work nicely for daytime too - smart shopping, a wedding or Christening or a lunch out. Like most of the styles here, it's versatile- sitting well with most wardrobes (although the focus is quite heavily on shoulder-and-longer hair, I notice- I hope they increase this range as the channel grows, to include short-hair styles too).

As I type this, I am mid-way through the 'cooling' phase of the do. Talk about live blogging. You'll notice that I have shorter hair than in the video. You'll also notice that my pinned curls are neater than my 'done' hair usually is with rolls; that's just my luck.

Angry webcam eyes are watching you.
I recieved my products yesterday (our post is not the fastest in London) and even before this style, I couldn't resist having a play with them. I must say, my favourite of the lot is the Luxurious Volume Thickening Blow Dry Lotion - it really adds lasting, full volume with ease. I just spritzed it on and dried my hair upside down- no need for backcombing for my fave 'quiffy' style! It lasted all day, even in the damp and drizzle. I will definitely be buying this again. All of the Luxurious Volume products I have tried work well with my relatively fine, just-above-shoulder hair and my styling wand (I do have traditional tongs, but tend to go for the wand + black glove of doom approach).

And... here are the results! I like this, very wearable. I have added a bit too much Luxurious Volume Thickening Hairspray- a little goes a long way -  oh well, better too much than floppy curls.

Scuse the webcam photos...His Lordship is out gallavanting today and cannot take photos. Blooming cheek. I leave you with a few more John Frieda Youtube clips...

Right O, off to drink cocktails now...toodle-pip!


  1. Your curls look great amor! good review.
    I know a curling iron does a neater job with pin curls..dont know why, maybe cause of the heat. I use foam rollers. I hate using heat unless i really have too.

  2. Hotness!!!! I am loving the curls on you!

  3. I never think to look on Youtube I will certainly have to your curls are fab!

  4. Love the new layout and I love the curls xx


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