Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011; A Perdita Pictorial

Now is not a time for complex words. We are too hung over. Now is a time for reflecting on things pretty and silly, and contemplating exactly how much fun one can have using only 365 days, charity shops, beer and a little imagination...

Cherish your local parks and museums
Make like a starlet with Rockabetty Studios
Relax in the garden, mismatched tea and china or mismatched
wine and crisps, it's all elegantly chilled.
Keep an eye out for those retro cook books!
Have your drink appropriately labelled
by  Penny Dreadful Vintage, and...
...Buy the perfect maxi. Scowl: stylist's own.
Be silly on HMS Belfast

Rehydrate. It's important.
Revel in chazza shop shoes
Rehydrate some more.
Enjoy vintage British summertime weather with Retrochick and

Have love for the EBay.

Visit National Parks.
Buy something from the 30s 'in poor vintage condition'.
Rehydrate some more whilst you recover from the shock.
Escape to glamorous Norwich.
Consider living in a tent.
Geekify your home-sweet-home.
How has your year been? And what are you looking forward to as we venture bravely into what can only be called.... the future....?


  1. Ah,wonderful post,sweetie!!!
    My year has been full on, and I'm gagging for a cruisier one!!! It's gonna be fabulous!What the hell will we all be wearing?!

  2. Fabulous post! My year was shit, bring on 2012, it's gonna be amazing!!

  3. A nice run through of your year. May 2012 be even more fabulous for you!

  4. Here's to 2012! I am sure I shall see you there :)

  5. Happy New Year! Fab round-up, hope 2012's even better (and less wet). x

  6. Rehydrate your funny! Love the pictures and the laughs that's most important to be happy. I am looking forward to travel, adventure and looking fabulous!!!!
    Onward bound!

  7. Looks like you had a busy old time :) x

  8. Hi my dear!! Happy New Year and wishing you a great 2012-it was great to meet you last year, your Jean Varon maxi dress was such a gorgeous buy too! xxx

  9. Love this post! Agree with everything, especially the need to rehydrate regularly!! ;)

  10. A great retrospective, full of pursuits of which I approve. Happy New Year - may 2012 be the year that something 30s is restored to its former glory. Or at least covered with enough slap to cover the cracks. (I mean your house, obviously)

  11. great post amor!
    I love more if you post more starlet fotos of yourself.
    I want to travel more and stay back home for awhile this year.


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