Monday, 7 November 2011

Marvellous Cocktails!

What, cocktails again? I know, it's a burden because usually I am abstenious at all times. In my defence, these were marvellous cocktails, at the Vintage Norwich Marvellous Cocktail Party. I was up in the Fine City for another weekend, and we kicked this one off in style...

Retrochick, glamorous as ever.

These events are the brainchild of Retrochick, and are intended to create a magical, sparkling evening of 1930s glamour and decadence. Wonderful live music, dance demonstrations, top quality cocktails, a snuff bar, 'cigarette' girls and a photobooth all blended seamlessly within the luxurious upstairs bars of Farmer Brown's. A perfect start to the weekend.

Cigarette Girls

Delightfully exclusive (admission is in advance only - if you're name isn't down, you can't come in) and yet warmly inclusive once you're there (era-perfect isn't the thing at the Marvellous Cocktail Party, it's more simply glamour with a feel of a golden age) I can honestly say the atmosphere was magical, one of the best I've found at any event of this kind, vintage or otherwise.

I have to thank His Lordship, though... last Friday started with torrential rain and some of my outfit got soaked (thanks, lorry driver, thanks, puddle) - luckily, a quick call home and all was saved. Phew. After trotting to the venue in my least appropriate heels - 5 inches, stack platform, deco sequins all over - and getting chatted up by a local gentleman-of-the-road, I arrived to see beautiful people gathered around an elegant Georgian building. Once inside, with a Manhatten inside me, the terrible weather and franticness was forgotten.

Snuff Bar- my favourite was the menthol!

 The evening was an absolute pleasure, I met lots of Norwich vintagers, including the newest old fashioned thing in town, The Historical Sauces - three glamorous experts in all things 20th century. Oh! And I won something in the raffle! Well, His Lordship won it but it's a pearl necklace so I don't thing it will go with his suit. Hurrah. His Lordship was very, very into the raffle; into it in a Vegas-bring-me-a-cocktail-to-my-gambling-chair kinda way. I should have known, he gets this way on the penny falls at the seaside too.

If you are reading from East Anglia, or even elsewhere and are looking for a thoroughly enjoyable (and reasonable) weekend away, do check out Vintage Norwich for events listings...and, of course, keep your ear to the ground for the next party. Marvellous indeed!

Well, we spent the rest of the weekend constructively (shopping, drinking beer, being looked after in said constructive activities by the wonderful RetroChick and Mr Chick, who are fab people indeed) and I shall post my little shopping haul from Poppy Valentine soon too... cashmere on Perdita's budget? Oh yes, yes indeedy. Plus, the mysterious Yvonne Digby, mistress of 70s mail order cookware...all will soon be revealed...


  1. I love a cocktail party and this one looks right up my alley. Glad you had fun despite the downpour!

  2. Lovely to fleetingly meet you! Sorry I couldn'tv do the pubs on Saturday evening but I'm sure you had a fab time. I am very envious of the pearls!! ;O)

  3. Gawd,honey,how freaking fantastic this event sounds!Cocktails,as you would already know due to my boozehound qualities,are right up my alley!Frocking up fabulously is also right up my alley-I so wish I could get to one of these!!!Meh.
    SO pleased the rain didn't upset your evening for long!XXX
    O,and bless His Lordship for winning you some perals!Good lad!We'll keep you on!X

  4. Ahhhh BOO! I wish i could have gone to this one!! Sounds delish!

  5. What a fabuloso time cocktails and cigarrete girls.
    you had despite the rain incident.
    Oh well worth it for winning pearls.
    Deliciously eyeing the snuf bar.

  6. it looks so fabulous! I must get there one day

  7. I want to see your outfit! Have seen Missy's and Retrochick's. If I don't get to go to these affairs I at least need some more frocks to admire. Good work on the pearls, we're all addicted to the 2p slider games in my house, we were in Brighton amusements for hours last time.

    I remember finding some snuff when I was about 10, and of course tried it. Most peculiar, but I quite enjoy sneezing.

  8. I wish you'd taken a photo of yourself, we're both hopeless aren't we? Too busy necking the booze!
    Your shoes sound fabulous. x

  9. I echo Vix's comment - we want to see you!!! Glad you had a fab time. Penny Dreadful and I went last time but we weren't able to come this time. Tis' great fun. x


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