Sunday, 30 October 2011

Random Week, Random Post

Hello folks! I'm afraid this weekend's post is, well, a bit random. Being half term, I've done lots and lots of little bits and pieces worthy of mentioning, but nothing quite substantial enough for a full post in its own right. I blame the time of year. There are a lot of pubs and shops open at this time of year (as opposed to, say, midnight on a bank holiday) and I end up wasting time.

I know people like my 'beer swigging bride' photos.
There are plenty more where this one came from...

Right, first off, my anniversary. Although His Lordship and I have been 'an item' for well over eleven years, we've been married for just one. If you want to gawp at the proper photos (as opposed to the comedy out-takes), it was blogged at Whimsical Wonderland Weddings. Under the budget, crafty, thrifty bit...naturally.

I am still slightly addicted to the 80s look, so I dressed in a favourite from Matalan, which is actually 40s-style on top with a short skirt. It doesn't sound like it will work; but it does. Especially with a leopard print belt and kinky boots.

Dim expression possibly related
to the martinis His Lordship was making.
We went out for a nice steak and a few cocktails. Noms. One thing I did realise, however, was that my hair seriously needed fixing. Now, if you come from West London, cutting your own hair is regarded on a par with trepanning - so being me, I gave it a go. Nothing too drastic, just a little length off and some layers. I used this tutorial from YouTube (but less extreme, being more advanced in years than the girl who made it, and in no way wishing to go the full Emo). Here's the result...and yes I edited up the photo to hide my roots which are being sorted as we speak. At home again, natch.

New 'do.
Aaaand finally, we got round to some curtain hanging, putting up hooks, and other DIY. We now have a geek sofa, ready to sit and be geeky on. Top marks to anyone who can correctly identify the game on which the cushions are based...

Geek Sofa!
Hope you have all had a jolly week!


  1. Your hair looks fantastic and I love the orange outfit, too. Kinky boots and leopard print go with everything!
    I'm a DIY hair cutter, too.
    Love your sofa but not sure about the game the cushions relate to. x

  2. oh I love a bit of random! Your hair looks fab and you look very striking in that close up! You make me want to grab the red hair dye....

  3. I am informed that the cushions relate to Fallout 3. I wouldn't know, as the last game I played was mario Kart on the N64 (antique, non?)

    Hair cut looking good, I'm not sure I'd dare since the dodgy layers of 93 debacle.

  4. Ahhh - happy half term! i adore your beer swigging photos. And the hair chop is tres bon!

  5. Your hair is rocking the cut color I dig it all. Love the mini and boots can't go wrong with that. Happy one year anniversary!!!!! WOO WOO!!!! Now I'm gonna go check out those pics :)

  6. Happu Aniversario!
    I love your red hot hair amor.
    loving the evil drinking bride stare. his Lordship looks like he chats a lot. all English men usually do.
    your hair looks great, cute boots.

  7. Oooh aren't you clever! You new hair looks fab, well done. And happy anniversary to you and His Lordship xx

  8. New do looks utterly amazing. Shame you're married....... teehee

  9. You look fab and your hair is lovely xx


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