Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Back With A Vengeance

Hello, I'm back in your blog roll, clogging it up with my stuff and nonsense.

I wish I could say I've not blogged for almost a month because I was on a small Greek island, partying it up in a hippified manner with candles and acoustic guitars and Mythos beer. But that would be last year (I went with my mum, for those of you wondering if they make swimming trunks in tweed; His Lordship's beach holiday form is poor - in the main chuntering about the newspaper being two days old, wanting to go to the old town then complaining about the steps/lack of black cabs).

This year, I went here. Permanently:

I have moved back to lovely, lovely Ealingville. Being not trillionaires we can't actually buy a house in the hallowed W5 area, so have settled for Perivale, a suburb-within-a-suburb. It is full of the classic 30s suburban house built by Percy Bilton in the 30s and some fabulous, faded Deco factories and warehouses (still working to this day, albeit as MOT garages and call centres). All this culminates in the world famous Hoover building- now a Tesco supermarket - and I think I can safely say my local supermarket is the hawtest for miles around!

Being me, I bought my house cheap. And cheap for a reason; before we can start prettifying it up, there's a new kitchen to go in, an overgrown garden to tend and much work to be done on the roof (but not too much... we're planning a loft conversion, how tragically suburban and yet strangely glorious). Then we sort the plaster and chipped interior fittings and loose wires and leaky windows and then we paint.

It isn't pretty now. It took 7 hours (after completion) to actually get our mitts on the keys, as the vendors had underestimated the time and equipment needed to move a three bedroom house with four adults and two kids living in it... so on top of the kitchen (which we knew needed work) there was some severe cleaning to do.

This is why we're living on sandwiches and ready meals
'till the new kitchen arrives!
Now our broadband is working (at least intermittently - naturally one of the external wires is loose, as we have recently discovered) I will be posting soon on all sorts of wonderful things. I might even have a partay in October! Woop Woop! I'll be a right proper Margot and all.


  1. Ha! Perivale always makes me think of Doctor Who (his companion Ace comes from there, and there's a whole story set there!). I respect buying cheap and 'in need of work', that way you can stamp your own style on it and hopefully there are more original features that way!

    And yes, definitely the best Tesco in the world. Ever. x

  2. Welcome to the new pad. Lovely to have you back in the blogosphere. x

  3. hey welcome back! Cheap is good, I always think it would be such a shame to buy a perfect home as then I would just take it apart to put my stuff in ;o)

    Have fun with the refurb

  4. Good luck in the new place. Loads of work to do, but with your eye for style, it will be a palace in no time.

  5. Welcome Back amor!
    Its great fun to redecorate a home that is yours. I'm sure you will brighten up with tacky vintage finds.

  6. Definately got loads of potential!!! Good luck in your new home, and hope you get settled in as quickly as possbile!!! X

  7. Can't wait to see the house develop, you must be stoked to be in finally :) xx

  8. I'm so excited for you!!! Yay,you're gonna have a blast!!!
    We wnat pix of every detail...xxx


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