Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sale Rail

It seems that every shop is struggling to sell their stock right now, during these tough times. I have been working hard to support the economy but venturing onto the high street. Which I don't normally do: it's either uber thrift at the local FARA, browsing EBay or splurging on expensive-things-to-keep at Bicester Village for me... but never fear, I wasn't paying full price. This was the sales.

I had to go, show the newbies how it's really done:

Maxi, £7 in H&M
Hair flower/brooches, £1 each in New Look
Monkey clip-on-hugger, stylist's own.
I think Florrie's floral tea party has infiltrated my mind: I was always more of a block colour person but I am getting increasingly drawn into patterns and florals. This bright, beachy print has something of an 80s Miami vibe to it, but without any skin tightness. Phew.

Up close it's a bit 'Keeping Up Appearances'- but it works
on the whole maxi.

I seem to have gone mad for maxis of late. I know shortarses aren't supposed to wear them blah blah, boring fashion advice blah... what do they think wedges were invented for? This next one is Indian-inspired- on the dummy it looked classy and luxurious, but on me looks deliciously 'Northern girl clubbing' mwhahaha. I am becoming increasingly drawn to this look as a way of being a little bit bling whilst keeping excess flesh covered up. Appropriate, but reassuringly non-classy. Now, Jeeves, fetch one the Fake Bake and the big, big hair rollers...

£15 in Krisp. Clip On Monkey despairs. Husband asked
if this is for trips up to his homeland (AKA: North Of Watford).
When buying embellished items in the sales, always check with care. There's nothing worse than getting home and finding a whacking great gem missing from the front of your frock. Usually, you can't find a matching one in the local craft shop, so have to unpick ALL of them and replace them all: time wasted, bargain offset by the price of the new beads. Luckily, I have an eagle eye and a steely grip on the best frock.

Even I concede that a necklace with this
might be 'too much'.
Finally, some things that aren't maxis. One is still a frock though - total bargain from Matalan. I think of it as 'slutty mid century housewife' in style. Being an English teacher, the words "I'm lookin for Curley" spring to mind whenever I try it on.

What you can't see it the high lycra content.
£7, Matalan.
More cleavage, vicar?
The little gold bead annoys me intensely, it reminds me of cheap Christmas tree decorations. Which I love: on a tree, at Christmas. I am going to snip it off and wear my new Acorn & Will brooch (not in the sale but a total bargain nevertheless):

Finally, I snapped up this Pocahontas-style smock top from River Island. The cheeky bloke behind the till looked me up and down and said 'you do know it's a size 8?'. Erm yes, just because I'm older than most people in here doesn't automatically change my clothes size, young man, and by the way your trousers appear to be falling down and exposing your arse...

And just to prove it fits, a photo of me larking around doing a faux-Hello!-shoot at the Museum of 51 on the South Bank. In a room my twin sister described at 'Perdita Heaven', and she was right. I've colourised it slightly to help you normal folk see the world through my eyes:

So, have you found any bargains recently? Are you saving your pennies wisely, or dipping your toe into the messy, messy world of the sale rails...? Any top tips for bargains, share 'em below!


  1. Good buys! I have arrived at the conclusion that some things make me look short because......wait fot it!......I AM short!!! X

  2. Well done! Maxis not for shorties, pah! I'm a short arse but no-one knows as the length hides my massive heels.
    I only buy useful stuff in the sales, swimwear and undies and usually wait until Marks and Sparks reduce everything to a quid or less. x

  3. I am in love with the floral maxi!
    SO NICE!

  4. Oh pffft. I'm only 5'2 and if I can wear maxis then anyone can. As long as they're cut properly and don't look like a tent then they're amazing. Shorties rock; we don't need the fashion police telling us what we can and can't wear.

    I really like the RI top! It looks fantastic on you. Cheeky bloody shop assistant though.

  5. Great buys amor,especially love your flowery dress. I am short too but i dont care i wear whatever i want. You look cute in your top. Damn shop assistant, you should of told him off.
    I think if you manually enter my blog address in your blog roll, maybe would help.

  6. Im 5.2 and think maxis can be really lengthening, I dont wear them though, not my style. I love all your finds especially the burnt orange top what a great colour! I have tons of sales bargains, but they are all from Vivienne Westwood and I am irresponsible with money so probably not the best person to offer tips LOL x

  7. You got some pretties there I love the last top You must wear it back to that shop so the fella with his arse half out can see you dont look 'alf bad.

  8. Good finds! I love Acorn and Will, such great stuff at great (bargainous!) prices :) The room you had your photo taken in looks amazing!!!

  9. Oh my golly gosh and aghast my flabber, you are a shopper of delight and wonder. I love the 'Keeping Up Appearances' offering - I'd be tempted to get it myself, no I am really, but then I've gone and changed my mind, well sorry my dear, I'm not shaving my legs for anyone (not again anyway!)

    Lovely post and lovely shopping experiences.

  10. I've heard a lot of people talk about the bargains to be had at Bicester but I've not been. Looks like you made some great finds.

  11. Lovely dresses such pretty patterns x

  12. I find pretty patterns and mix patterns amazing! so lovely!

  13. Hi my dear-you scored some lovely items and the orange top looks amazing on too xx

  14. Oh my God - the Acorn and Will stuff! I'm besotted! Love your fab brooch xx

  15. Oh my God - the Acorn and Will stuff! I'm besotted! Love your fab brooch xx

  16. Oh my - the last photo: 'Perdita Heaven' indeed. You look so utterly at home on that Ercol daybed (in fact, I think the exhibition ought to let you live in that room, rent free!) Great bargains too.


  17. Oh, nice post.)) Love your blog!!!.))))))

    I need your help ... Soon I am flying to Greece and I will have a two-day shopping in Athens .. You were there ever? If yes, what places you advise?


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