Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Heads Up: £50 Vintage Spend Contest!

...Hi y'all, just a quick heads-up! I was reading the fabulous Vintage Brighton blog and discovered a new vintage store and a fantastic competition. One which involves showing off, vintage fashion and a potential £50 first prize.

The contest is hosted by a new vintage store Wooden Hill Vintage and there are two ways to win!

  • For the £50 ( credit note) prize: tag them in a picture of yourself wearing vintage on Facebook or send them a picture via Twitter. You can be purist, head-to-toe or simply wearing vintage accessories: however you choose to wear vintage fashion for your style. Then, get 'likes'- winning is simply a case of getting more 'likes' than anyone else! (Hint: the picture above might be on their page soon... very like-able, isn't it? Tee Hee).
  • For the £20 (credit note) prize: simply promote them by mentioning/linking back on Facebook or Twitter. Simples, as the TV meerkat sayeth.
  • Their Facebook page is - their Twitter ID @WoodenHillVntg.
Bon Chance, vintage chums!


  1. I put your link on my blog so all my vintage loving ladies can have a read and maybe enter,bet it will be hard to choose tho

  2. I will certainly vote for you xx

  3. Hi there-great contest, a very generous prize xxx

  4. I shall pop over and vote for you, my dear! Good luck. xxx

  5. I will definitely do what Pearl Westwood will certainly do.

  6. Very likeable indeed!! And thank you for letting us know about this.

  7. is it too late to vote amor?


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