Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Style Inspiration: The Good Life

Isn't the weather lovely (braces self for downpour)...

I love The Good Life. Both female leads have amazing wardrobes, both are confident and stylish in their own way: depending on what I'm doing I often envy either Margot or Barbara.

As you're probably aware if you've ever read my blog or my twitter (@perditaspursuit plug plug plug) or any comments I've ever made, I'm not one of those people who have an interest in vintage just to look pretty in dresses. Indeed, I am quite open about my lov of combining Vintage, Designer, High Street and... well... just plain old Second Hand. Perhaps I'm too much blogger for one style to handle, or perhaps I am fickle and a moth round the fashion flame.

I enjoy the practicality of sourcing and mending, the artistic side of combining a vintage piece with my charity shop/high street goodies, the thrill of being thrifty. Oh, and I don't mind being a bit odd. Naturally, The Good Life (whilst being 70s vintage itself) is a wonderful resource for glamourous suburban frockery (Margot) and a welcome reminder that pre-1980 not every woman rejected the joys of some sturdy trousers, 'sneakers' and a man's shirt (Barbara). Sometimes new can look vintage, sometimes older items are styled in a practical way... it's how you strut your stuff that matters.

The pics and quotes...

Tom: I’m stronger that you are and I can pin you to the bed any time I feel like it.
Barbara: Rubbish.

Jerry: Look, I’ve just cut my finger clipping your blasted hedge.
Margo: Don’t swear, Jerry. And don’t bleed in the sink, I’ve just cleaned it.
Barbara: I suppose we must be rather a blot on the avenue’s escutcheon.
Margo: I have risen like a phoenix from the fires of your eccentricities…Nothing you can do now will shock me.
Tom: When’s the boar-walker coming, Barbara?
Barbara: Tomorrow…


  1. Gorgeous weather...not going to rain for a while yet according to the weather chappy.
    I too love The Good Life...I wanted to be self sufficient from childhood ever since I first watched it. It's perfect Seventies telly from Margot's wardrobe to the 9-5 commute.
    Love it!

  2. Still love this series, very funny with such great characters! X

  3. I hope Ivy and the weather chappy are right. It's been gorgeous and everyone's so much happier.

    I love The Good Life and Margot and Barbara's wardrobes, although I tend to veer towards Margot more. Enjoy the sun xx

  4. When I go out I'm Margot, but I'm Barbara at home ;) They were fab weren't they. Poor Jerry was the only one with no sex appeal x

  5. This shows wardrobe kinda reminds me of dynasty.
    Very funny stylish ladies.
    Arent you glad lent is nearly over?

  6. I love the Good Life - I see myself as Tom Goode and the Aussie would make a lovely Felicity Kendal. I really enjoyed that series Sue Perkins did recently as well

  7. For me it is always Margot. Mainly because I cannot stand Barbara. She is always giggling. Makes me shout at the TV. not cool

  8. Cracking series which never loses it's charm...I've been watching reruns (again) on cable and it's still as fab as it ever was.

  9. Hi there-it was such a fabulous series and Margots dresses were lovely!! I'm really into George and Mildred at the moment, not only hilarious but she wears some really fab outfits!! xx

  10. I so miss that show. Of course loved Monarch of the Glen too as dear Hector!

    Anyway, good to meet you. Happy Easter...well, Easter Monday for you@ :)

    BTw, what a great claim to fame through Constable. how extraordinarily.

  11. I'm late to the party here, but you really caught my eye with this post. I loved this show when I saw it years ago. Entertaining, funny and interesting.

    Found you through your intriguing comment today on poet's blog.


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