Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Style Inspiration: The Cat

For those if you who don't know what Red Dwarf was, you were evidently never a geeky kid in the early 90s. Which is a shame, because- as they say- The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth. Bagsy The Maldives. And I was well set on this path, bar the first bad influence in my Comic-Book-Guy-like catalogue of cult comedies who inspired my headlong dash into glorious vanity, vacuity and vampishness. Ladies and gents, may I present THE CAT:

Imagine this process with a normal person turning into me.

As you can tell from the picture, The Cat evolved from, well, a cat, over thousands of years on the ship Red Dwarf. What came out was something that looks like a regular human only... better dressed, more arrogant and a bit cooler. Damn straight: luckily for evolution, 'tinterweb created bloggers and bypassed the whole millions-of-years thing.

But anyway, talking is for geeks. Enjoy some quotations and pictures of the world best pet. Check out those outfits!

"Hey, this has been a really good day. I've eaten five times, I've slept six times, and I've made a lot of things mine. Tomorrow, I'm gonna see if I can't have sex with something."

"Cat: You'd never get a cat to be a servant. You ever see a cat return a stick? "Hey, man! You threw the stick, you go get it yourself! I'm busy! If you wanted the stick so bad, why'd you throw it away in the first place?"

"[Cat and Rimmer are playing Scrabble.]
Cat: Hey hey hey, I've got you now, buddy! J, O, Z, X, Y, Q, K!
Lister: That's not a word.
Cat: It's a Cat word.
Lister: Jozxyqk?
Cat: That's not how you pronounce it!
Lister: What does it mean?
Cat: It's the sound you make when you get your sexual organs trapped in something.
Lister: Is it in the dictionary?
Cat: Well it could be, if you're reading in the nude and close the book too quick. Jozxyqk!!!"

"You either got it or you ain't. Boys, you ain't even close."

Ok, I just mentioned this post topic to His Lordship, who was getting a can of Henkellman's Cure-All In A Can from the refrigerator. He asked me if I wanted some pickled Jalapenos out of the jar. He's northern you know, and has longish hair, and a bomber jacket. It forced me to double check whether much this early 90s sitcom warped my developing mind and look around for the guy with the H on his (smeg) head...

How crude! Mwahahaha.


  1. Love Red Dwarf, love Cat and love this blog post.

  2. Mad for Red Dwarf...total geek...get me drunk and I'll quote big chunks of dialogue and laugh at it until I can't breathe! Oh to go to Rimmer World....xxx

  3. Nothing wrong with Jalapenos straight from the jar! The cat was my favourite too!X

  4. I love Red Dwarf - Kiddo made me some Red Dwarf stuff for the Geeky swap :) The Cat was definitely my favourite though. Unfortunately the last I saw of Danny John Jules he had hit his local bin man.

  5. Hahahaha I love Red Dwarf. I remember the making things mine quote, so funny xx

  6. Ah, Red Dwarf...my fave teenage programme! I can still quote a million different lines from it! Great post :))

  7. Yaaaay! The Cat! My dad and brother watched Red Dwarf all the time when I was a wee child so naturally I took a liking to it. Pyf has the complete box set in fact and he keeps saying we should watch it after our Knight Rider marathon has finished.

    Cat's servant quote is so wrong for my cat.. she loves playing fetch with her sponge balls! Sometimes she even brings a ball upstairs and drops it on my bed and waits for me to throw it! xxx

  8. Aah The Cat! I'm sure it's not a coincidence that I really got into Prince at the same time as I watched a lot of Red Dwarf. He did have many great lines, plus the incredible heel pivot thingie.
    Even my mum liked Red Dwarf, she still has a penguin shaped oven mitt named Mr Flibble...

  9. I used to love Red Dwarf. My friend Chloe was in it, she used to wear a red jumpsuit xx

  10. YUM,pickeled jalapenos!!!
    Yeah,The Cat is awesome.I didn't see much of Red Dwarf,but am always meaning to.What I saw was superb,and The Cat was/is hot diggity dawg!!!

  11. You may just leave your twitter. I know your good for it and not just some random who only enters giveaways then deletes that person once they know they haven't won.. hate those! xx

  12. Loved Cat - keep meaning to catch up on some Red Dwarf repeats too!

  13. Oh the Cat was sheer glory. I'd love to see a bit of Dwayne Dibley styling too though!

  14. Super post, love it, loved RD too, Cat was my fave.

  15. I love Red Dwarf, started watching it in 2007.
    he is my fave character always so cool and suave.
    you should do an inspiration outfit post ,with his outfits in mind.

  16. Cat was always my favourite character. So well played!
    Pop over to my blog - you're a winner lady!


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