Tuesday, 15 March 2011

I blog therefore I am (a geek)...

The lovely Alex at 'Odd Socks & Pretty Frocks' blogged this fill-the-gaps post...I couldn't resist. Please do check her out as well as nosing at my answers to these probin and pertinent questions...

I am... a twin. I think some of my strangenesses stem from the fact. Indeed, Florizel almost daily reminds me that twins are eerie and bizarre. This may well be based on me being the particular twin he knows best. Strange twin behaviour:
  • I don’t like to eat on my own and consider it greedy, even if whoever I’m with isn’t hungry. This is obviously because as an infant, I always ate with someone else there, also eating. When I lived alone, I would eat with the TV or radio on a food programme. Bizarre.
  • I prefer things in even numbers. Bargain hunter though I am, 3-for-2 gets my back up. BOGOF I like- possibly again because any BOGOF in the sweetie aisle as a kid would mean treats.
  • Sometimes I like someone else to be in the room, not to converse with or anything. I just sit there silently (blogging or reading- I don’t mean I sit there like a creepy staring ghost!) but like the other person there.

My twin sister looks like me except blonde and glamorous. When I was born, I was like the ‘runt’ and was small and yellow, with faulty facial muscles. I looked like a chewed up winegum. As a result my nick-name last year was ‘Amy Winegum’ i.e. combining vintage styling and an entirely erroneous reputation for boozing it up with my history as a fruit-based-sweet-a-like.

The bravest thing I have ever done... I don’t think I’ve done anything brave. When I’ve done things that could be seen as brave, I think it’s more down to foolhardiness and a lack of respect for consequences. His Lordship calls it the ‘dead-eye stare’, I go all cowboy (literally) and just do stuff.

I feel prettiest when... I’m with pleasant people and relaxed. I think I look good: to me, ‘pretty’ used to describe a grown woman seems a bit passive and weedy. Maybe it’s because about 13 years ago now – in a typical ‘pseudo-feminist sexist misogynistic’  type way- a girl told me I was ‘pretty but lacked the soul to be beautiful’. By ‘soul’ I believe what was meant was silk scarves, not knowing the difference between self-awareness and self-absorption and having War and Peace artfully on show in your handbag whether you’d read it or not. Anyways, I would suggest that I lack the cheekbones to be beautiful, but I can do smart, sexy, groomed and cute pretty well depending on outfit, mood and situation.

Something that keeps me up at night... Hahaha! Everything! I have had chronic sleep issues since childhood, I sleep very lightly and move a lot during sleep like a dog dreaming of chasing rabbits. It can leave me drained and make me quite poorly. When I am asleep, I sometimes keep my husband awake by accidentally kicking him. Oops.

My favourite meal is... seafood based, with noodles or rice. Yes this encompasses Italy, Spain, India, China, Japan, Thailand and America and the UK… at least I’m happy wherever we go for dinner!

The way to my heart is... a person who does what they do for a good reason, not just to ‘fit in’. I don’t mean the kind of person who rams how ‘unique’ (and therefore, subtextually, ‘better’) they are down everyone’s throat. Thinking over the people I get on really well with, they vary in clothes and lifestyle from smartly conventional to a bit ‘street’ to rock to vintage… but no-ones a fashion or life-style robot.

I suppose it stems from the fact I’m a bit odd myself and have experienced snubbage (from, likewise, people from mainstream to very alt) because I’m neither fish nor fowl. Naturally, I like people who aren’t bothered what the Joneses will think, because they generally put up with me!

Tied in with this is my rabid hatred of throwaway insults based on difference/dress: whether an ill-mannered youth shouting something obscene from a bus-stop, a sneering bitchy wannabe Anna Wintour or a vintage-wearer stereotyping all youth in sportswear as ignorant and unattractive, it always makes me seethe.

Regardless of dress or lifestyle, someone with reasons, or simply a preferred way of living, just connotes to me a sense of purpose, confidence and thought which makes me feel at ease: flaky people (the kind whose heads can be turned easily, just when you trust them most) scare me deep-down. Excessive adherence to fitting-in-with-a-clique is the flipside of flakiness: the flakes have just been swept up and put in a container designed by someone else. 

I would like to be... getting ready for Vintage. Bagged my tickets this morning, for the Saturday (with the Soul Review too, woot woot).

Please do nab these questions if you want your followers to have a good old neb...


  1. Lovely to hear more about you. I'm with you on the even numbers thing athough apparently my lucky number and my numerology number is 3. Whatever that means.

    Personally I prefer slightly odd people and always have xx

  2. PS. You should take off your word verification on comments. Blogger has a spam filter now. You may still get emails saying comments about viagra and the like are on your blog but they don't actually appear. Plus it's boring and time consuming xx

  3. "Pretty but lacks the soul to be beautiful"? What a horrible thing to say to someone!! You took it better than I would have though. Agreed on a lot of your points here :)

  4. Loved reading this!!

  5. A chewed wine-gum awwww bless! I enjoyed reading this, might have a go myself!

  6. Perdita love your wit and sense of humor!
    I'm into odd numbers!!!

  7. Ooo,facinating stuff.Twins intrigue me!
    I love oddball people,but they must be steadfast!

  8. I'm fascinated by the twin thing and how you reckon that's the reason you have for hating to eat or be alone.
    I love odd numbers. xxx

  9. VV- I'm happy to be alone generally, it's just mealtimes and afternoons really! Even odder!

  10. Fun to read! The twin facts are intriguing.

    And I love the post title - Blogito ergo sum? :D

  11. What a great read. My favourite bit is you being called Amy Winegum, so silly. And what a pretentious thing for that girl so say about the difference between pretty and beautiful! She sounds like a dickhead xx

  12. Said pretentious person was a friend-of-a-housemate at uni. The housemate always made very artistic best-friends-for-the-evening (she's one of those types who can start a pub convo with anyone, and her 'look' is really arty/indie)- some of these short-lived chums were unbearably pretentious!

  13. your a twin? how cute,I always wanted to have twins,well still kinda do.
    I think twins have creepy magic powers.
    that girl was stupid saying that about pretty and beautiful,what douche.
    love ya more now that I know little bit about you amor.

  14. Oh she sounds utterly ridiculous. It's always those uber-pretentious people who manage to be the most insulting, whilst outwardly appearing quite charming.

  15. Great post, really engAging. She does sound like s dickhead and what a shame you've remembered it. Odd people rock, although l find them quite intimidating too...l forget that lm an oddball as well sometimes!


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