Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Award and Handwriting

Handwriting, ah I remember the long hours spend perfecting neat, elegant handwriting. The moment the lessons stopped, I returned to a strange, scruffy school-marm-meets-urban-tagger style I am famed for (by 'famed for', read 'mocked for'). My handwriting is age-inappropriate. It looks like it should have little hearts over the 'i', and never, ever used to sign important documentation.

Here it is, my handwriting challenge. Lots of bloggers have done them, you basically lay out your handwriting for all and sundry, by turning your neatest copy to:
-Your name (mine is my blog name. My real name is Cat Slater-Steptoe the 3rd)
-Your URL
-The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog
-Favourite quote
-Fave song
-Something random

I tag y'all to do it, if you haven't already! It's rather liberating. Like nudity, but more legal in urban areas:

Paperdoll gave me this darling award!

I pass it on to some super blogs with smaller (under 300) followings:

Hestia's Larder
Peapod Ponderings
Landgirl Library

Please do go visit their blogs!


  1. ooooh - I like your hand-writing, it looks as if you write quite I deduce (completely without any training in hand-writing analysis) that you are a sparky, quick-thinking sort of chick who frequently comes up with lots of ideas.

    Paper is hugely cute too btw.

    ...and an award!!! Do I need a tiara to accept it? Long frock? Borrowed diamonds? No? *crestfallen face*

    I shall dress up anyway....thank you for this, I appreciate it greatly and will get it up on Hestia right this very minute.

    If I can work out what to do!

    Ali xxxxxxx

  2. Congrats for the award and fanks for passing it on to my t'other blog :) Ooh - i like the handwriting thing too... although I think I might have forgotten how!

  3. I don't know what you're talking about, I like your writing! xx

  4. I Also been meaning to do this writting thingy, you have the cutest handwritting ever.
    I am a collector of little twin stars, i still have my pencil topper from the 80's.
    Bu your writting, i would say you like to talk a lot and fast, very energetic mind.

  5. Thanks for your kind comments. Scanning in your handwriting is a bit like hearing your on voice on tape and only half recognising it!! Argh!

  6. I find this challenge fasinating but I fear showing the world my infantile scrawls.

    The notepaper is fantastic

  7. Your handwriting is that of a creative person I'd say! Love Sanrio stuff myself too :))

  8. I don't blame you for using that notepad sparingly, it's too sweet. xxx

  9. You have amazing handwriting. It has great style but is still really easy to read. And your nudity comment made me laugh.

  10. That is so true about handwriting, all those hours and now I just do as I please xx

  11. Your handwriting is fab!! Ha!

  12. Hi there-well done on the award and have a great week too!


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