Thursday, 6 January 2011

Hair V Rain. Rain wins.

Rain? Of course my hair's still perfect. 
Ugh, it's raining. I find this most distressing; you cannot imagine how much I detest rain, and in particular, rain getting on my hair. It borders on a psychological problem to some extent and some of the tactics I use to avoid hair-rainage border on the ridiculous. Laptops, carrier bags, notebooks, my entire handbag- all of these can (and have) with a bit of tugging, be placed over the entire human head. Albeit a small and perfectly round jead, akin to a Brussels sprout (thank you, dearest husband of mine, for that simile). You may ask me why I choose not to carry an umbrella everywhere, provided I may look back at you blankly with proper London dumb insolence and say 'yeah wha'eva. I dunno'. Seriously, I don't. Maybe I had some bad experiences with them being damaged, lost or being wantonly wet at me after the rain had passed. I forget.

My usual form of protection is a hat. I'm not talking My Fair Lady, I'm talking a Soviet-Realism-meets-cockney-urchin style peaked woolly number. It's a wonder to behold, I can't take a photo right now 'cause it's drying on the radiator, but if you saw it you would be proper blown away, I promise you.

It does have one fatal flaw though. It is a vicious maimer and killer of hairstyles - straight hippy locks or sensible ponies are OK, but any twist, bun, curls, rolls or crimps and The People's Glorious Rain Hat will come down on their decadent selves like a ton of bricks (or a ton of wool felt. Just as heavy, innit). And it's endangering my marriage! I exaggerate not! I mean I exaggerate just a little! I mean I took this test (1930s wife test) and just about passed, but the daggy hair versus stuck indoors with no food and no loo roll because I can't go to Morrison's in the rain dilemma isn't helping raise that score any.

So, in the name of domestic harmony and the moral wellbeing of Northwest London, nay all of London, I have decided (drum roll) to start headscarfing. Oh yeah. Lord Florizel of Tweed will be proud. (He'll be expecting me to stop drinking and cooking in my PJs next. Expecting, not actually seeing.) I'm not sure why he's being proud about some blond bit on this here poster, but hey, maybe it's because she's rockin' a sleek scarf.

I like the whole idealism of the Riviting Rosie 40s style scarf, too. Still fighting the good fight against the dark forces of bad hair, but this time for Blighty. I'm going to have to practise though, 'everyday' scarfage has a major risk factor- without the sunnies and the soft-top MG, one (err let's face it, I mean me) could end up looking like a stunt extra off 'Last Of The Summer Wine'.

What I think I look like

What you actually see.
So I've cadged some advice off my usual go-to blogger and youtuber for hair, SuperKawaiiMama - here's the video I'm going for, but do check out her other styles, they are indeed 'super kawaii' in every way!

Here's another one I want to try. Only it doesn't keep the back of my head dry so is 'purely for ornamental use'.

...and whilst sitting watching youtube, because it was too wet to venture out and purchase lunch, I also spotted this fringe idea. Double whammy! Dry hair and I only have to 'do' the front.

Anyway, it will probably dry out now and I'll have to think of something else to whinge about.


  1. I sometimes do the head scarf thing I have to say, not to protect my (lack of) hair, but just because I like head scarves. I usually just do it like a Russian peasant because it is easiest to throw on on the go.

  2. haha, love this post, and i share the same problem! rain dropping on my hair can spoil the whole day... fantastic tips! i have to try some on myself as well!

  3. I've tried so many times and always look like Norah Batty! With these links maybe I should give it another go...xxxx

  4. As the possessor of curly hair I share your hatred of rain - I can't do hats as I look like Don King when I remove them (or rather, my hair looks like Don King's hair!)
    Brolly for me!

  5. Head scarves rock. You might like to look at using them to tie a turban too - it's a nice smart alternative to the Rosie the Riveter took. I'm hoping you're going to be sharing scarfy pictures?

  6. I have learned to love my crazy hair (which gets a lot more nuts the more it rains!). Having said that I am looking forward to the next post and the next (possibly) whinge!

  7. Oooh, these links look fab, I'm off to wtahc them all. With any luck we'll all be head scarf savvy by the end of the week z

  8. Glad I'm not alone! Luckily the rain has stopped and it's lovely and bright!

  9. I do a headscarf only in summer when my hair is a mess and its too warm to get away with a bobble hat!

  10. Dear Perdita, you've inspired me to try a headscarf. Isn't that a gorgeous picture of Vivien? I've had it saved in a folder for a while.

    Lovely to have found your blog and thank you for your comments at mine xx


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