Friday, 26 November 2010

Friday feeling?

It's my first post. As usual, I'm rushing into this unprepared, posting on a blog which is essentially about things to see, do and eat in the evenings/weekends on a Friday lunchtime, i.e. before I could possibly have done anything to blog about. I can't really recommend my lunch or surroundings: I'm in my office (formerly the lower-school toilets, nice!) eating something which vaguely resembles a cheese sandwich. In that it is triangular and has a small white label with 'CHEESE' on the front. But enough about that (not that there is enough to feed a gnat, but never mind), on to my plans for the weekend.
This is a BBC image by the way (in case you thought I have man's hands. I don't; just man-sized feet but that's a tale for another telling).

Anyway, this weekend I have lots of interesting things planned 'out of town'.

One place I am particularly pleased about visiting is Pompoko in Brighton. If you have never been there: go. It's Japanese food, but not of the sushi-and-elegance type (if you want that, I recommend close neighbour Moshi-Moshi). Pompoko is a proper little Japanese cafe serving don (rice bowl dishes) and other hot foods- it's tiny, buzzing, and at about £4-5 a plate, a total bargain! It's central and the food is good; far better than the rushed chain-pub food or fast food meal deals otherwise available in this price range. It also has that kind of 'local institution' reputation that makes it a must-visit in terms of people watching and atmosphere.

Mine's a Yaki Udon...

Another element to Pompoko which brings a smile to my face is the connection to the movie Pom Poko, an environmentally themed anime feature by Studio Ghibli. In it Raccoon Dogs (or tanuki) attempt to use magical means to protect their habitat. Which is all serious stuff, except that these particular little magical athropomorphic shape-shifting raccoons keep all their magic in... well, let's just say the dubbed version calls them 'pouches'. Perhaps these pictures will give a good idea:

The magical 'pouches' of tanuki are a traditional motif. Part of me finds them endearing, part fascinating and part of me is just rather puerile. Anyway, here are some uber cute tanuki to brighten your Friday.

Following my Pompoko trip, I'm going to a winter wedding in the North Downs (wedding obsession is a major theme with me right now, just finished my own: so expect a post on that one). Will it snow? Too much, or just enough? Hmmmm...

Sunday- I haven't got that far yet! The North Laines are calling, as is Lordship Florizel doesn't 'do' high street and requires some kind of Christmas gift...
In the words of another Brighton-based source of amusement... 'SEE YA ROUND, YEAH!'


  1. Japanese food is indeed, a must for any food lover!

    Good to have you here fellow blogger! I'm sure you'll have tons of fun here.

  2. Thanks! Please do visit again :)

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